Ciao. Bonjour. Shalom. Barev. Chemicals?

Hello, my name is Vincent. Congratulations is in accords as you have successfully found my website on Ohio Plants!

Listed above are many ways that humans say hello to one another. Make your way to the end of that sentence and you’ll see the word chemicals. You may be wondering, chemicals? Why  chemicals? Well, just like you and I, plants communicate with each other through chemical signals via the air and soil. My biology and chemistry background was just itching to throw that out in the introduction! Now, it is time for me to explore a different area of biology. One that I am not so comfortable with.

If you have not figured it out already, this is a website about plants native to the great state of Ohio. My four years at The Ohio State University studying biology have taught me a lot of things about chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, and physics. But I never took the time to slow down and learn about what I like to call the “flip side” of my biology degree. The courses and electives that I have taken thus far at Ohio State have taught me many things about the natural and physical sciences. My four year degree has also secured me a spot in nursing school after graduation. How fitting for the last course of my biology degree to be none other than, Ohio Plants. 

While my favorite pastime is enjoying the outdoors, I have a very minimal knowledge of plant species. It is my hope that through this course I will become a more rounded biologist. A biologist who is not only able to tell you how your action potentials are propagated throughout your nervous system, but one who is also able to tell you the species of the tree that you standing under.

So come. Embark with me on this wild, fascinating journey as I explore our greenest, and closest neighbors.