Hello there, my name is Devon! I’m an EEOB major and entering my sophomore year at OSU. My greatest passion is nature, and as separate organisms and environments only become the systems of nature through their interactions, the study of ecology is my perfect interest. I dedicate my personal time to foraging (please ask me about it!), animal and plant husbandry, and a lot more that often involves exploration and discovery in wild (or wild-ish) areas. A fun fact about me is that I have a pet African Bullfrog named Gobi. She’s about the size of a burger.

In my coat-of-arms I drew the mayapple – an Ohio plant I find in woodland and riparian areas. I can say their fruit tastes a bit guava-like, but if you harvest them anytime but when they are large and pale yellow, they are as deadly poisonous as the rest of the plant!