Hello, my name is Valerie! I am a fourth-year zoology major with a minor in entomology. I don’t know as much as I’d like about Ohio plants (yet!), but I do have a plethora of houseplants in my apartment.

I spend most of my time outdoors, so I’m really interested in learning more about the different plants of Ohio to better understand my surroundings. Also, this class gives me an excuse to be really annoying on hikes with friends, pointing out and identifying anything we come across.

My coat of arms consists of many things that are near and dear to my heart. My symbol has my cat, Willow, a pine tree to remember my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, and a flower. My motto is “grow where you’re planted” because I think that it’s important to make the best of any situation you are in and flourish despite the hardships you may face. I am from Miamisburg, Ohio which is close to Dayton, Ohio. I am a zoology major and entomology minor, and I currently work at the university’s insectary.