Hello there, my name is Emily!

I’m excited to document our plant-related adventures as we make our way through autumn semester! Below, you’ll find an illustration of a “Coat of Arms”representing myself as an individual as well as descriptions of each component.

My “Coat of Arms” illustration 

For my personal “Coat of Arms,” I drew a pen and paper as a symbol to represent myself. I enjoy doodling in my free time and I think of myself as an artsy, creative person. So, I feel these art supplies as a symbol suit me well.

“Always be yourself” is the quote I chose to represent myself in my “Coat of Arms.” This quote resonates with me, and I fully believe it is always best to remain true to yourself. Sometimes it may not always seem possible but, ultimately, one should give their best efforts to be their honest self.

I’m born and raised from Ohio. My hometown is Westerville, a town about 20 minutes from main campus. I enjoy learning about all types of plants. My interest in plants have been cultivated through my ever-growing collection of houseplants I care for. My collection stemmed from the couple years I worked part-time at a garden nursery center, and has only continued to grow.

I am a third year majoring in Forestry, Fisheries, & Wildlife (FFW). While I’m still unclear about the exact path I wish to take after graduation, I know I’m interested in working a career in wildlife.